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We co-created necklaces and bracelets using antique beads and original silver beads that were made over 100 years ago.

I co-created accessories with Nao Omori.

Length: 18cm/20cm

Material: silver950/glass

Delivery time: around 1 month to 1 and a half months

All items will be handmade.

There may be some errors depending on the individual product.

White hearts are said to have been made in Venice since the 17th century.

They are called White Hearts because the core of the beads is white.

Throughout its long history, African natives, American Indians,

It was transported to Southeast Asian countries and has been passed down as an ornament.

These beads, which have been made since ancient times, are still used today.

It continues to be produced in the Czech Republic.

This time, with the White Hearts made at that time,

From rolling the silver to drilling and polishing, we use silver beads that are made one by one without using a mold.

Therefore, no two beads are the same, and each one is a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Due to aging,

White hearts have color changes,

You can enjoy the depth of the silver beads as if they were smoked black.

behind the sun antique bracelet

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